Huawei thinks you’ll like a hole in your display instead of a notch

Huawei thinks you’ll like a hole in your display instead of a notch

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If you’re vehemently against notches, then maybe you’d prefer to have a hole in your display instead? According to a source which spoke to Korean publication etnews, Huawei may be doing just that. Internal documents suggest that the company will have a single cut-out at the top center of the screen for a selfie camera. The display will also feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. The design would effectively be like the Oppo Find X, except the selfie camera is a hole in the screen instead. The ambient light and proximity sensors would find themselves placed in a tiny bezel at the top.

Huawei thinks you may prefer a display hole instead of a notch

The design is purely conceptual at this point and has potential to be scrapped at any time. Huawei has been designing it for a while, though, as a successor to the current notch situation. The concept design features a 6-inch LCD display. If display cutouts are here to stay, then the smaller the better. A small camera cutout is reminiscent of Essential’s display notch, except that particular phone still has it connected to the top bezel. This design concept has it floating entirely on its own at the top of the screen.

So what do you think? It’s certainly smaller than a notch and will allow for more notifications either side of it. Manufacturers do appear to be afraid of having a sliding mechanism though, like the Vivo NEX or the Oppo Find X. Huawei’s design is certainly safer, and can also look nice if done right. As it stands currently, most smartphones with notches cannot display a lot of status bar icons. With just a small camera cutout that may no longer be a problem. Many would agree that no notch is better, but it allows for maximizing the screen to body ratio of a device.

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Source: etnews