Huawei Claims it Surpassed Apple In Global Smartphone Shipments in Late 2016

Huawei Claims it Surpassed Apple In Global Smartphone Shipments in Late 2016

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Competition within the smartphone market is always getting more interesting, with shifts and turns in sales and dominance at every corner. Huawei now claims it beat Apple in smartphone shipment in late 2016, The Economic Times reports. Huawei India Director of Product Centre Allen Wang said that the company overtook Apple in global sales volume in December. This makes the Asian OEM the second largest handset company globally.

The Chinese manufacturer reportedly achieved 13.2 percent of global smartphone sales in December 2016, while Apple obtained “just” 12 percent. Huawei claims to have shipped 139 million smartphones last year, but the brand still trails behind Samsung which remains the market leader, but its dominance may not last very long.

Smartphone sales are difficult to calculate, so we can take Huawei’s bold statement with a grain of salt. Research companies like IDC release quarterly updates, so it’s hard to verify whether the company is right. Given the fact that the Chinese company has been occupying the third place for a long time, we can assume that it’s not far-fetched that this is indeed true.

Huawei is the most popular OEM from China and the company has a wide portfolio of the mid and high-end devices. The brand also produces its own Kirin SoC through HiSillicon. The company’s processor offers really good performance for a reasonable price, found in various Huawei and Honor devices, some of which provide excellent bang-per-buck at the cost of conventional software and, to us, development and software support. Allen Wang has also added that Honor (Huawei’s online smartphone brand) has now become the world’s number one online brand.

The aspiring market leader has recently launched its P10 and P10 Plus models in Canada, signaling continued releases and expansion as the brand is now selling its products across 74 countries.

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SourceL The Economic Times