Join the HUAWEI Themes Design Community!

Join the HUAWEI Themes Design Community!

The DIGIX HUAWEI Global Theme Design Competition has just ended.

HUAWEI recently held a design contest over a two month period. During this time, they invited artists from around the world to flex their creative talents, and submit designs that would be used as HUAWEI EMUI and Magic UI themes. With the theme of the contest being “New Art”, over 4,000 artists participated and sent in amazing designs depicting the fusion of art, technology, and cutting-edge design. 140 artists were selected as winners, and shared a total prize pot of $330,000. This contest is now ended, but HUAWEI’s design community is stronger than ever. It’s a great time to get involved and share your creativity with the world.


Do You Have a Creative Mind? Be Part of a Worldwide Designers Community and Get Exposure!

When you join the HUAWEI Themes designer community, you join thousands of artists around the world with a passion for design. The creativity doesn’t just end with themes. This is a place for videographers, 2D and 3D illustrators, photographers and anyone else with a creative itch.

HUAWEI’s goal with this project is to create a real community of artists and provide them with the tools and environment needed to express their best work. Here are a few things you’ll be able to do in the HUAWEI Themes designer community:

1.      Reveal to the world your talent by publishing your art/work to Huawei themes app which is available on all HUAWEI and Honor devices.

HUAWEI’s massive market share has them ranked 2nd in terms of global shipments of Android phones. This gives you the opportunity to have your own theme on one of the largest platforms in the world, and profit from users in more than 200 countries around the globe.

2.       Get a revenue from your artwork. This is a great opportunity to earn money by selling your theme. When you list your theme in the HUAWEI Themes app, you have the option to monetize it. 

3.       This is an easy way to display your work to a worldwide audience, to see if people like it.

  • Get insights from international users (EU, MENA, LATAM, China, Africa)
  • Build your worldwide fans community
  • Show your talent and participate in global and local contests, for the chance to win big prizes.

4.      Get access to HUAWEI’s powerful tools created for designers like you:

  • Designer tool (themes creator tool) to create your content
  • Designer console (dev alliance) to publish your content
  • In app features (designer banner promotion, designer dedicated page) to promote your content and get users feedback

If this is what you are looking for, don´t wait any longer, join the HUAWEI themes design community here!


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