What to Expect at the Huawei Developer Webinar

What to Expect at the Huawei Developer Webinar

The Huawei Developer Webinar is a place where developers can come together and learn about tools and techniques that can be used to expand their app. Huawei will be hosting this webinar in the form of five different sessions. This annual webinar takes place on November 9 at 13:00 CET, and will explore the theme of “Grow in China. Win with AppGallery.” These are the sessions you can expect to find in the 2020 Huawei Developer Webinar.

Grow in China, Win with AppGallery

Developers around the world are finding new opportunities in China’s growing mobile market. A specific area where we have seen significant growth is China’s app market. To give developers insight into this field, Huawei’s next Developer Webinar will help developers learn how they can benefit from growing their app in China.


Huawei will show how HMS Core can help to ease app localization from the technical side. The online webinar will also invite experts from both Huawei and top players in Chinese market like Tecent and Feiyu. They will discuss app localization, as well as the most concerned compliance and regulatory requirements in publishing apps in China. Developers will have access to a full understanding of how to operate and compete in the Chinese app market.

The Whitepaper for Global App Development in China will cover the following subjects:

  • Exclusive insights on the Chinese app industry (including Q&A)
  • Introduction of the new HMS Core localization service for gaming and tool apps
  • All-new online consultation platform for convenient self-service
  • Overview of the unique legal compliance aspects of the Chinese mainland market
  • Hear from PicsArt as they share their successful growth journey in China with AppGallery
  • Hear from big publishers to exchange ideas of releasing overseas games in China

Huawei AppGallery Featured Apps

China’s Flourishing Mobile Internet Sector

China is currently experiencing a large growth in its mobile internet age. This is driven by a large population of people, and the worlds leading mobile networks. During the Huawei Developer Webinar, a whitepaper will be released that is filled with exclusive insights to answer common questions about the Chinese app industry. This will help developers who are looking to enter the Chinese market.

The “China’s Flourishing Mobile Internet Sector” Whitepaper will contain the following information:

  • Market insights
  • Policy consulting
  • Expertise in product location
  • Tips for user acquisition and monetization

What you Need to Know Before Entering the Chinese Market

To help developers understand how to prepare for entering the Chinese market, Huawei will bring together three of the brightest minds of the company. They will be able to share critical information on business insights for different brands. They will also be able to talk extensively about HMS Core and the self-service qualification consultation platform to understanding Chinese legal compliance. This session will cover everything developers will need to know about operating in China.

How PicsArt Has Achieved Unlikely Success in China

Jennifer Liu, PicsArt’s General Manager of China Market, will delve into the journey of PicsArt’s success in the Chinese market. This is a notable topic since PicsArt found success through partnership with Huawei and AppGallery. Their story can give people an insight into how they could also find success in this area.

Huawei AppGallery Games

Panel Discussion: How to Release Games in China

The webinar will end in a panel discussion that will feature some of the biggest Chinese game publishers like Tecent Games, iDreamSky Technology, Jinke Culture Technology, and Feiyu Technology. They will be able to share their experiences when it comes to releasing games in the overseas Chinese market.

This session will include the following topics:

  • Core differences in Chinese user habits, cultural differences, languages, and business models
  • Acquisition of game version number
  • Opportunities for overseas games to discover advantages in Chinese markets
  • How publishers experience game success through AppGallery via case studies, AppGallery downloads, and impacts on revenue

Grow in China. Win with AppGallery. #HDW

November 9 at 13:00 CET

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