Huawei Mistakenly Rolls Out GoPro Quik App to Some Devices

Huawei Mistakenly Rolls Out GoPro Quik App to Some Devices

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Huawei has grown a lot lately, and with good reason: The China-based company is one of the smartphone market’s most influential innovators. But in a rare breach of trust this month, Huawei remotely installed a third-party GoPro application on some of its devices without notifying users ahead of time.

The application in question GoPro Quik, a rebranded version of GoPro Replay that launched on the Play Store in 2016. It’s a free video-editing tool with text, color filters, slow motion and speed effects, and a transition animation tool that automatically syncs clips to the beat of songs,

After a recent update, GoPro Quick began showing for a few Huawei P9 owners who hadn’t manually installed the app. It’s unclear just how many Huawei devices are affected, but so far, Huawei P9, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Honor 9 users have reported seeing it.

In a statement provided to Android Planet, Huawei said that the app’s rollout was “the result of an internal error,” and that its firmware development team is looking into the issue. For the time being, company reps suggest that users reset the Quik application to the factory version and uninstall it.

Huawei didn’t elaborate on the cause, but it might be related to the company’s GoPro partnership. In February, Huawei partnered with GoPro to pre-install GoPro Quik on Huawei P10 devices. The mistake, it seems, was a server-side misconfiguration.

Via: The Next Web Source: Android Planet