HUAWEI MeeTime – Anytime, All-Purpose Calling

HUAWEI MeeTime – Anytime, All-Purpose Calling

MeeTime is a calling system that is implemented into many different HUAWEI devices. You can use smartphones, tablets, watches, or Vision TVs to make clear video calls with your loved ones. This system is designed to work seamlessly, even on connections with poor quality. Enjoy some of the additional features like screen sharing with markup, so you can help someone with technical stuff on their phone. This all-purpose calling system is the best solution for anyone invested in the HUAWEI ecosystem.

Seamless Screen Sharing

The screen sharing feature can be very useful for many different situations. Get an opinion on your online shopping by sharing your screen with a friend. You can also use it to explain tech issues to your parents using the markup tool, which lets you draw directly on your screen so they know what you’re talking about. Give presentations or share reports quickly in calls, without having to send any files through the chat. It’s a very clever feature and works seamlessly across compatible HUAWEI devices.


One-Touch Beauty Settings

Make sure you look your best in video calls. Since many meetings and conversations take place over video calls now, use the beauty feature to make yourself presentable. This gives you more flexibility for when you’re able to make video calls, even if you just woke up. Enjoy the comfort of calling from your home, and let the software make you look like the best version of yourself.

Low-Light Enhancement

One of the difficulties of video calling is getting the lighting right. You could be in a dark bedroom or a poorly lit office, and need to make a video call. The low-light enhancement will illuminate your surroundings, making it easier to see your face and bring out more details from your image.

Look for MeeTime on the latest HUAWEI smart products.

See how MeeTime works on the HUAWEI Vision S

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