Huawei Music is offering 3-months of free trial for new subscribers in Europe

Huawei Music is offering 3-months of free trial for new subscribers in Europe

The music streaming industry has been on a steady rise, as more and more users pledge their allegiance and money to the streaming service that serves them the best. But there is always room for improvement, and always room for a competitor to shake things up. If the existing options of music services are not up to your taste and you want to switch things up and try something new, check out Huawei Music — Huawei’s music streaming app and platform.

Huawei Music was recently launched in Europe as a means of providing a reliable streaming option to EMUI users. The app is available to download from the Huawei AppGallery. Prior to its European launch, the service was already being used by 16 Million users every month, who are enjoying the wide repertoire of advertisement-free music available on the app. There are more than 50 Million tracks and 1.2 Million albums available through the app, which is equivalent to 300 years of non-stop music, so needless to say there is something in there for every user.


Now, Huawei Music is available in 16 European countries, and there are plans to expand in further regions of Europe. The current list of supported regions includes:

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Austria
  • Greece

Huawei Music

Music selection includes offerings from Warner Music, Sony Music, and Universal Music, so the latest, greatest and most popular hits are always at your fingertips. The app has been designed to work seamlessly with all Huawei products, including smartphones, tablets, audio products, and even some watch products, so you get the convenience of one app across the entire product ecosystem, instead of paying for and familiarizing yourself with different apps for different product ecosystems.

The focus within Huawei Music isn’t just about providing content, but also surfacing it well and increasing its consumption value to the end-users. There are personalized playlists to take away from the effort of creating a playlist from users who dislike doing so, as well as themed playlists that are attuned to their contextual mood. There are also daily recommendations, allowing users to discover new releases every day. Further, users can also use the in-built Party Mode to pair up other Huawei smartphones and play the same track simultaneously to increase volume and to experience a richer surround sound system.

Huawei Music also offers five sound effects that users can choose from:

  • Kirin: The Kirin effect is made especially to complement audio accessories that have the Huawei Kirin audio chip in them. This sound effect uses digital algorithms to deliver a standard audio quality of 24 bits. Compared to lossless formats, the common mp3 format loses both, the details of the song and the sense of stereo. The Kirin sound effect can thus simulate more details in digital mode, and let you take full advantage of the software-hardware harmony within the Huawei ecosystem.
  • 3D surround: This effect restores the space and orientation sense of the 3D sound field, creating a feeling of immersion.
  • HiFi: This sound effect uses a restoration algorithm, to allow the user to experience a virtual sound reality experience.
  • Mega Bass: This sound effect increases the bass effect on the music, emulating a subwoofer experience through your smartphone.
  • Choral: This sound effect intelligently analyzes human voices and highlights them to present ethereal higher-pitched voices.

Huawei Music also comes built-in with Huawei Histen 3D equalizer, which allows users to experience virtual surround sound in three different modes via their earphones. Histen uses advanced audio processing algorithms, psychoacoustic models and auditory perceptions to maximize the performance of audio devices connected to the phone. Within Huawei Music, Histen adds what is best described as an “audio dimension” to already dynamic experience. The idea is to immerse the user in the soundscape with rich, moving sounds and object noises that are perceivable in three-dimensional space.

Features introduced through Histen includes:

  • Headphone 3D surround t0 provide a 360° surround sound experience with sound field control.
  • Virtual bass boost that analyzes low-frequency components and creates corresponding higher harmonics.
  • Loudspeaker distortion correction that utilizes targeted frequency and phase compensation to eliminate noise and broken sound distortions through loudspeakers.
  • Transient response optimization that attempts to follow rapid fluctuations of sound signal changes, such as those from percussive sounds, and reflect those accurately to stay true to the original music.
  • Adaptive loudness boost that makes use of auditory perception model and nonlinear algorithms to dynamically control the amplitude of the speaker and increase its perceivable loudness without increasing the speaker output power and causing distortion

If you would like to try out Huawei Music, Huawei is offering 3-months of free trial to all new subscribers who join in before April 26, 2020/May 15, 2020.

Huawei Music on Huawei devices

Post this trial, the service will be available as a monthly subscription for €9.99/month. This cost is on par with other popular services but comes with all the benefits that we mentioned above. The subscription can be canceled at any time, so you can try out the service without any worries. The app is available to download via Huawei AppGallery on Huawei devices.

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