Huawei Nova 4 leaked photos show display hole and dual cameras

Huawei Nova 4 leaked photos show display hole and dual cameras

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Less than a week ago, Huawei published an image to hint that they would be launching a new smartphone in the near future. As more companies transition to near bezel-less screens, they’re coming up with different ways to keep various pieces of hardware. For instance, it’s easy to shrink the side bezels since there isn’t anything there, but the top and bottom bezels are more difficult due to speakers, connectors, cameras, and sensors. Huawei’s teaser image from last week showed a shining bright spot in the top left corner that could have been easily looked over as just a shooting start. However, recently leaked images show the Huawei Nova 4 with a circular hole cut out in that spot to accommodate the front-facing camera.

This is an interesting design decision as it’s the same style we’ve seen in Galaxy S10 renders. At Samsung’s recent developer conference, the company showed off four of their upcoming display styles. One has a circular cutout in the top left corner, one has a U cutout shape, another has an elongated V cutout shape, and the last one doesn’t have a cutout shape at all. It’s rumored that Samsung is working on putting these types of sensors (like the camera sensor) under/in the display like we’re seeing with the new fingerprint sensors.

In any case, it seems the circular cutout hole will be a go-to solution for some OEMs who are looking to shrink the top bezel of their phones. Huawei seems to be one of these companies.  A week after their teaser image hit the web, 5 leaked images are now circulating around the Android community. The images show a device with very small bezels, a camera cutout in the top left corner, dual rear cameras, and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. As with all leaks, take this with a grain of salt, but the images below could be our first hands-on look at a Huawei Nova 4 production unit.

Note: Huawei has stopped providing official bootloader unlock codes for its devices. Therefore, the bootloader of the alleged Huawei Nova 4 will not be unlockable, which means that users cannot flash Magisk/TWRP/AOSP-based custom ROMs.

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