HUAWEI Nova 9 Specs and Rumors

HUAWEI Nova 9 Specs and Rumors

While HUAWEI continues to have flagship launches like the P50 Pro, and consistently produce phones with top-notch photography abilities, we shift our focus to their mid-range products. This September we will see the launch of the HUAWEI Nova 9. While nothing has been confirmed by HUAWEI, some specs and photos have leaked before the official announcement. In this article, we will go over everything we know about this upcoming phone so far.

Battery Capacity

According to information from the Chinese 3C certification center, we can expect two models in the Nova 9 series this year. There will be a standard Nova 9 unit as well as a Nova Pro option. Right now we know at least one difference between the two models is going to be battery capacity and charging speed. The Nova 9 will have a 4500mAh capacity and a 65w charging speed. On the other hand, the Pro model will have a slightly smaller 4000mAh capacity, but a much faster 100W charging speed.


Leaked Design

The design of these two new phones will be very similar to the previous Nova 8. The most distinctive feature is the large oval camera bump on the back of the phone. Leaked photos give us a first look at how this design was transferred over to the Nova 9.

HUAWEI Nova 8 Pro

Rumored Specs

Other specs like CPU, RAM, and storage are still unknown. However, we do know that the Nova 9 will be powered by chips that support 5G, but will be limited to 4G networks. Based on currently available hardware, it is likely that the Nova 9 will be powered by the Kirin 990E chipset which includes the Mali-G76 graphics accelerator.


As far as software goes, we know that the HUAWEI Nova 9 Pro will be one of the first phones to ship with HarmonyOS 2.1.

Stay tuned for more updates on the mid-range Nova 9 series, and a full launch which should come sometime in September.

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