Huawei Encourages an Open ICT Ecosystem at this Year’s Huawei Eco-Connect Europe Event

Huawei Encourages an Open ICT Ecosystem at this Year’s Huawei Eco-Connect Europe Event

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Huawei recently held an event in Berlin for their Huawei Eco-Connect Europe conference and this year’s theme was “Go Digital – Go Cloud.” This is the company’s flagship event for the European region with the goal of emphasizing the need to create and shape an open and innovative information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem which can empower the digital transformation of European businesses. The President of Huawei Western European Region, Vincent Pang, spoke during the event to share the company’s thoughts.

The company says that the “digital transformation” isn’t something that is to be considered a “future trend.” Telling the audience that “it’s happening now” while also believing that the process cannot be completed by one single company, or organization, alone.” This is the reason why they are working to build an open digital ecosystem as it will take the effort of many companies around the world for the transformation to go smoothly.

Huawei hopes that they are able to facilitate this open and innovative information and communications technology ecosystem by encouraging cross-industry innovation, creating a welcoming digital culture, and by bringing clear value to many European communities and enterprises. Again, the company feels that collaboration is key here and that is why they’ve worked to build over 2,000 partnerships including Intel, Altair, Commvault, KUKA, Orange Business Services, SAP and others.

Along with this digital transformation they also feel the cloud will also be important so during this event in Berlin, they announced plans to build a global cloud network that is based on its own public services. But again, they are also collaborating here so there will also be a number of cloud networks that are built together with partners. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has been running their workloads on the public cloud that was jointly developed by Huawei and T-system, and the company hopes to expand upon this with help from the industry as the market grows.

Source: Huawei