Huawei P11 Spotted in Test Page on Huawei’s Website

Huawei P11 Spotted in Test Page on Huawei’s Website

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Huawei fans in the US were no doubt disappointed to learn that the company wouldn’t be bringing the Mate 10 Pro to AT&T in the US. But despite the China-based company’s stateside struggles, it’s still the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer, and it’s the biggest in China. And rumors suggest that Huawei’s next flagship phone — tentatively the Huawei P11 or Huawei P20 — might be announced at Mobile World Congress 2018 in February.

We exclusively reported that an upcoming Huawei flagship phone — likely the P11/P20 — will have an iPhone X-style notch, and we’ve written about its rumored camera setup and reports predicting it’ll have facial recognition tech that rivals iPhone X’s Face ID. More recently, Huawei’s rumored to launch as many as three new flagship phones in the coming weeks: The Huawei P20, P20 Pro, and the P20 Plus.

This week, references to a “Huawei P11” were found in a test page on, the company’s website. “Huawei P11” was accompanied by “Huawei P12”, though it’s possible that both names are placeholders. The listing itself doesn’t tell us much — much of the text is from Huawei Ascend Mate 7’s page — but the fact that the company’s website mentioned the Huawei P11 implies that a launch of some kind isn’t far away.

There’s still not a lot we don’t know about the Huawei P11/P20, but we expect to learn more soon.

Source: Huawei.comVia: GSMArena