Huawei partners with Dailymotion to show video content in Huawei Video

Huawei partners with Dailymotion to show video content in Huawei Video

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Improvise, adapt, and overcome seems to be the motto for Huawei since the company was placed on an Entity List by the U.S. Commerce Department last year. The company has developed its own alternatives to Google Mobile Services and the Play Store, re-released older devices with Google Mobile Services, and has even partnered with third-party service provides to offer features that previously relied on popular Google apps. Now, in a bid to offer a YouTube-like experience on its devices, Huawei has partnered with Dailymotion to show video content in the Huawei Video app.

To do so, Huawei has integrated Dailymotion’s video player in the Huawei Video app which will allow users to search for and play Dailymotion videos from within the app. In a statement regarding the partnership, Dailymotion’s Chief Content Officer, Stéphane Godin, was quoted saying, “Thanks to all our premium partners, Dailymotion is able to distribute a large amount of videos and playlists to third-party publishers. We are proud to collaborate with Huawei to make all of our content catalog reach new premium audiences.”

Dailymotion’s technology package will bring a white-label video player, the platform’s large volume of local and international video content via Dailymotion’s API, and a monetization solution for the content on the Huawei Video app. While Dailymotion may not be nearly as popular as YouTube when it comes to user-generated content, the platform still has a decent amount of content from prominent media groups like Le Monde, l’Equipe, BeIN SPORTS, JPI Media, Marie Claire, NBA G League, Media Prima, One India and more.

Speaking of the partnership, Huawei’s Vice President of Mobile Services, Jervis Su, said, “We’re pleased to offer our Huawei Video service so that people across the globe can easily explore thousands of videos and movies available from our partners, including Dailymotion, anywhere and anytime. We are committed to bringing more choice to consumers. We also hope it will bring some joy to all of their lives at this time.”

Source: Dailymotion