Huawei may be planning to release a foldable phone before Samsung

Huawei may be planning to release a foldable phone before Samsung

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Many trends flow into the smartphone industry with dozens of companies trying to be the first to market with the next big thing. We saw this with Quad HD and then Ultra HD, then there was a point in time when advertising a higher MP camera was a big selling point. Now, we’re seeing companies trying to reduce the bezels to the point where we can have a full-screen smartphone. There have been some companies who want to experiment with a foldable smartphone (not those old flip phones) and there are a couple of prototypes floating about. We’ve heard a lot about Samsung’s plans to release a foldable phone, but new information suggests Huawei just might beat Samsung to market.

There are a lot of ways that smartphone OEMs can approach a foldable phone. Last year, we highlighted the ZTE Axon M which put a secondary display on a hinge of the frame and tossed in some unique software to take advantage of it. Lenovo has been another company who has been experimenting with multiple prototypes of devices with a foldable display. During a couple of their previous Lenovo Tech World events, they had a representative walking around showing off two different prototypes they had been working on. One device could fold around your wrist like a bracelet, and then another tablet size device that could fold in half so you could place a call on it like it was a regular smartphone.

Samsung has been showing off foldable and rollable screens at dedicated display conventions and rumors suggest Samsung is planning to release a foldable smartphone in 2018 using the Galaxy Note branding. So with all of these companies being very vocal about their ambitions of creating a foldable smartphone, we really haven’t heard much of anything from Huawei. Although, a new report out of China this week has revealed Huawei’s plans to build and release a foldable phone before Samsung is able to release theirs.

The report from Nikkei goes on to say that Huawei will be making use of some flexible OLED panels from Chinese supplier BOE. This is said to be a very limited run (likely due to limited supply), so if it turns out to be true then we should expect it to be incredibly expensive. Industry analysts are currently projecting this foldable phone from Huawei could be launched as soon as early next year.

Source: Nikkei Via: The Verge