Huawei is Preparing a Portable Bluetooth Speaker with a Pebble Shaped Design

Huawei is Preparing a Portable Bluetooth Speaker with a Pebble Shaped Design

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Huawei is the third largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide after Samsung and Apple. The company is also the world’s largest telecommunications equipment vendor, ahead of Ericsson and Cisco. The Chinese OEM, therefore, is one of the top manufacturers in both industries, but the company has an even broader portfolio. In addition to smartphones and network equipment, it also sells other products such as Bluetooth speakers, including the Huawei Swan Portable Speaker.

Huawei Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Huawei’s Swan Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are popular for those users who need mobility. Although powerful portable Bluetooth speakers tend to be expensive, Huawei’s Swan Portable Speaker is available for a relatively low price. The speaker uses the Bluetooth 4.0 chip, and has a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged within three hours.

Now, another Huawei speaker has received Bluetooth certification. It’s said to be named the Honor Portable Bluetooth Speaker, and it will have an interesting pebble stone shape design. Considering that the Swan Portable Speaker also had an unconventional design, it’s clear that the company seems keen to experiment with the designs of its Bluetooth speakers.

The Honor Portable Bluetooth speaker will come in “various colors,” although no color was mentioned specifically in the source document. It will use the Bluetooth 4.1 specification. Huawei says that it’s “a mini Bluetooth speaker that can be used in multiple indoor and outdoor scenarios.” According to the company, the speaker can continuously offer high-quality sound to users in scenarios including use at the home, or when hiking, traveling and performing sports activities. At this point, we don’t know any detailed specifications regarding audio quality, battery life, etc.

Also, as of now there is no indication about the launch date of Huawei’s pebble stone shaped portable Bluetooth speaker. However, considering the fact that it’s received Bluetooth certification, its launch probably isn’t far away. Maybe the company will announce it in January, or maybe not. Either way, the upcoming speaker looks to be an interesting addition to the company’s existing Bluetooth speaker lineup.