Huawei redesigns its AppGallery app store, adds a new “Featured” tab

Huawei redesigns its AppGallery app store, adds a new “Featured” tab

Huawei has announced a redesign for its AppGallery app store, which the company says now emphasizes discovery and improved navigation. The company said the experience will be partly curated by a team of editors who will focus on local trends to surface the most relevant apps and games.

“The enhancements to AppGallery reflect the success of Huawei’s App ecosystem, which has grown its global user base to over 530 million monthly active users in the past year,” Huawei said. “The new design showcases App and Games with bigger, bolder designs across the entire user experience.”


Twitter user Rodent950 shared a video of the redesigned AppGallery in action, and as they rightly point out, it takes a lot of inspiration from Apple’s App Store. That’s not to say it doesn’t look good, but Huawei isn’t exactly hiding the comparison.

One of the big additions is a “Featured” tab, which presents hand-picked apps and games in the form of cards. These cards offer direct access to download apps without first going to that app’s dedicated page. Huawei said the AppGallery’s cards will feature editorial content, from articles to expert guides to reviews.

Beneath the Featured tab will be Campaigns and Gifts tabs, which Huawei said is among the most popular features with active users. The Campaigns tab, as the name implies, features promotions such as Lucky Draws, cash back offers, and Challenges. The Gifts section is where users can see which developers are offering free services, such as premium accounts and more.

Meanwhile, the AppGallery now has dedicated tabs for Apps and Games, making it much easier for users to find the content they want. Huawei says they’ve now been split to enable a “more enhanced and focused discovery experience.”

The new AppGallery is available in select countries across Europe, including Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary, Lichtenstein, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.

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