HUAWEI Sound X is Co-engineered with DEVIALET to Deliver Hi-Res Audio

HUAWEI Sound X is Co-engineered with DEVIALET to Deliver Hi-Res Audio

An exciting new speaker for music lovers hits the market in the form of the HUAWEI Sound X. This compact speaker is able to produce amazing sound quality, with the build of a small capsule. With smart controls, dual woofers, and certified Hi-rez audio, you can fill the room with music. This speaker takes full advantage of the HUAWEI Sound algorithm to produce stunning surround sound.

Powerful Bass and Genuine Lossless Audio

Despite the small size of the HUAWEI Sound X, this unit is fitted with some powerful speakers. Two subwoofers crafted from magnetic rare earth materials blast powerful bass in 360 degrees. In addition to the two woofers, six tweeters are implemented into the Sound X. This array of speakers, combined with the HUAWEI Sound algorithm, creates a fantastic surround sound effect.


The tweeters are able to produce sounds at a frequency as high as 40Khz. The woofers enable this speaker to put out powerful bass as low as 40hz with a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to 20mm, so you’ll see, hear and feel the vibrations.

HUAWEI Sound X Woofers

Surprisingly, this small audio unit is certified for Hi-rez audio. This means that your lossless files can be played at their full quality, reproducing your music as it was meant to be played.

Simple Controls with HUAWEI Share Integration

The top of the HUAWEI Sound X contains basic music controls, as well as some RGB lighting surrounding them. These lights glow and change with the beat of your music, turning your listening sessions into a visual experience as well.

Equipped with NFC, you can take advantage of the HUAWEI Share integration by tapping your phone to the speaker. This creates an instant connection, sending your phone’s audio to the speaker wirelessly.

HUAWEI Sound X Share with HUAWEI Share Feature

With its sleek build, touch-sensitive buttons and glazed surface, HUAWEI Sound X is pleasing to the touch, the eye, and the ears. Its unique design gives you a window onto the subwoofers, so you can see the bass surging as you hear and feel it. The buttons are ringed with colorful lights which flow and change in time to the beat, perfect for adding a little mood to your tunes.


Connectivity options include Bluetooth and Wifi. The system is powered by the MediaTek MT8518 [4 core 1.5 Ghz], with 512MB of RAM and 8GB of local storage.

Price and Availability

Get the HUAWEI Sound X for £299.99 from the official HUAWEI website.

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