Huawei aims to unveil the world’s first foldable smartphone in November

Huawei aims to unveil the world’s first foldable smartphone in November

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While Samsung has been working quietly on a foldable phone with a 7.3″ display, Huawei appears to be aiming to release its own foldable smartphone in November ahead of Samsung according to a report from Korean news site ETNews. This would make Huawei the creator of the first foldable smartphone available on the commercial market, beating the number one manufacturer Samsung to the punch. Huawei is possibly aiming to beat Samsung to make up for their setbacks in the U.S.—beating Samsung at their own game proves to the world that Huawei can be successful, with or without the U.S. market.

Technically we already saw the foldable Axon M last year, but that is made up of two screens and a hinge—not the same as what Huawei’s foldable phone will be. Flexible OLED technology will allow the actual screen itself to bend and fold without the use of hinges or the extra bulk associated with implementing two separate screens, meaning a foldable, thinner smartphone will be available possibly as soon as November. It’s assumed that the OLED provider will be LG—not Samsung— according to ETNews, given that the two companies are in direct competition to be the first to sell a foldable smartphone.

It’s unknown just how practical a foldable phone will actually be, but ZTE’s Axon M laid the groundwork for how a foldable device running Android may behave. It’s also not 100% confirmed that the device will launch in November either. Plans change, and Huawei may push the release further back or even pull it forward if they suspect Samsung may beat them to it. The first company to achieve this feat will likely get to be the ones with the most power over early adopters who want to get in on the newest trend, especially with a new technology like foldable screens.

Source: ETNews