Share Your Favorite Game and Win a HUAWEI Watch GT2

Share Your Favorite Game and Win a HUAWEI Watch GT2

Huawei is putting out a giveaway for gamers as a part of the launch of Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall. This exciting new game is now available on the Huawei AppGallery. Huawei now wants to know what your favorite game is on the AppGallery. Share your thoughts and you’ll be entered to win a Huawei Watch GT2. Check out the details below.

huawei watch gt 2

Huawei Watch GT2


1. Post a thread in the AppGallery section to recommend a game to download from AppGallery with one of the following:

  • A special feature of the game
  • Why you like the game
  • A personal story related to the game

2. (Optional) Attach screen records or videos in the thread to further explain your opinion. The participant who attaches Hands-on video(s) or screen record(s) which is longer than 15 seconds will gain ten extra bonus marks in the final evaluation.


3. After you post the thread, return to this contest thread and reply with your thread link(s). We will collect only the links in this thread comment as contestant threads.

4. The thread title must begin with [My Favorite Game App on AppGallery] and must include the app name and your country name. For example, [My Favorite Game App on AppGallery] Game of Thrones, UK.

5. The deadline for submitting an entry is May 6th, 2020 at 11:00:00 AM (UTC+8).


One Huawei Watch GT 2(Sport edition, 46mm, color not designated)

Winner determination

1. Huawei will pick one winner based on the calculations of the participants’ performance. The full mark will be 110, and the calculating format is: community team marks (full score: 60 marks) + contestant thread views (full score: 40 marks) + 10 bonus marks (if any).

2. The community admin marks will be given based on the content quality including uniqueness, story quality, creativity, and etc. The contestant thread views will be calculated based on the views of each entry; the participant with the highest view numbers will get 40 marks, and the rest participants’ marks will be calculated proportionally to this participant based on the view numbers.

1. If a participant’s entry is found or reported to plagiarize other’s content, this participant will be disqualified to receive the prize.
2. Participants have to submit their thread link(s) in this thread comment. One participant can review multiple game apps at the same time. But please pay more attention to quality, instead of quantity.
3. Participants should stay conformed to the Community Guidelines.
4. By participating in the activity, you accept our Terms and Conditions of the contest. The details of this T&C can be found here.
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