Huawei Watch GT is finally getting support for custom watch faces

Huawei Watch GT is finally getting support for custom watch faces

The Huawei Watch GT launched early this year in the US. This wouldn’t be a terribly interesting watch except for one thing: it doesn’t run Wear OS. Before any of Huawei’s troubles in the US began, the company was already dabbling with their own OS. One of the downsides of not using Wear OS is a lack of good watch face options. That’s finally being fixed.

Users can now create their own custom watch faces for the Huawei Watch GT. Strangely, this can be done through the new beta Health app. You will need a Chinese Huawei ID to do so. Once a face is created, it can be added to the DCIM folder via the Hi Suite desktop app. The face can then be added to the watch through the Health app by going to “Watch Faces” and then tapping the “+” button and “Files.”

Huawei has shared a few guides to walk users through the process of creating watch faces and getting them on the watch. However, if you’re not inclined to design your own, people have already begun sharing their own creations. You can find some of them in this thread and download them to your Huawei Watch GT. The watch face installation process, along with download links to the beta Health app, can be found here.

If you are interested in designing your own custom Huawei Watch GT watch face, work is being done on a simple “Dial Master” app to make the process easier. The app will allow you to upload components, position them how you want, add more resources, and package the face for installation. Development is being documented in this thread.

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