HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner is the Ultimate Running Coach

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner is the Ultimate Running Coach

Fitness enthusiasts everywhere have been able to easily track their workout routines and monitor their health, thanks to HUAWEI’s popular WATCH GT line of smartwatches. While these watches have a vast array of support for a number of different sports, the most commonly used features were those related to running. Since running is the most popular way to use a fitness watch, HUAWEI made a solution that targets runners specifically. The new HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner comes with a scientific running program, an AI running coach, and all the latest sensors to monitor your heart rate in real-time.


A Lightweight and Comfortable Design

Weighing in at a comfortable 38.5g, this watch is light enough that you won’t even notice it when you’re out on your run. The polymer-fiber case, offset with a ceramic finish, and aircraft-grade titanium-alloy crown make up the premium build of the device.

  • 1.43 inch AMOLED 466 x 466 HD Display
  • Grey Durable Polymer Fiber/Black Durable Polymer Fiber Color options
  • Grey/Black Silicon Strap
  • Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Optical heart rate/Air pressure sensor
  • 4 GB Storage
  • Magnetic charging thimble
  • 5 ATM water-resistant
  • GNSS/NFC/Bluetooth
  • 5V 0.5A/1A/1.5A/2A Charging
  • 14 day Battery Life


Features that Enhance your Run

While this watch is packed with fitness and health features for a huge amount of sports, running is the primary focus here. New features have been implemented that allow runners to have a more accurate map positioning, improved sensors, and a new AI running coach.

The Dual-Band Five-System GNSS brings support to the HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner for the 5 major navigation

satellite systems, dual-band real-time concurrent calls, faster satellite search speed, and more accurate positioning.

The new and improved antennas are protected by composite fiber material and hidden within the watch lug. This new floating antenna design will result in a better GPS connection and more accurate running routes.

Take advantage of the all-new TruSeen 5.0+ with its ability to provide vastly improved heart monitoring. Even for hard interval training, you can get reliable readings, equalling those of a chest strap, with 97% accuracy within 10 bpm.

The best way to take advantage of all of this new technology is with the HUAWEI TruSport Scientific Running Program. These hardware upgrades produce more accurate data monitoring, which is what makes the HUAWEI TruSport professional Scientific Running Program possible. Your watch can provide entry-level runners with data and suggestions on training intensity, training volume, recovery time, and more, all from a single run. For advanced runners, receive a running ability evaluation, physical fitness/fatigue status updates, plus long-term training performance analysis. For the elite runners out there, you can get monitoring and evaluation of your running technique.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner Features

Pricing and Availability

The HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner is available in China for ¥ 2188 and is on sale for purchase now. You can also find it available in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, and Chile. You can get the HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner using the link below.

Get the HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner
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