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Hulu Subscription is down to just $0.99 a month for Black Friday

Hulu Subscription is down to just $0.99 a month for Black Friday

Hulu is a popular streaming service in the US affiliated with Disney. You get plenty of shows and movies on the streaming service including some originals. If you didn’t have a subscription to Hulu yet and were eyeing to get one, well, there’s good news! As a part of its Black Friday promotion, Hulu is offering a yearly subscription to its platform for just 99 cents a month.

That’s an absolute steal considering the cumulative cost to access the service for a year comes down to just $11.88. That’s lesser than what it would cost you normally for a 2-month subscription. Without the deal, Hulu’s base plan subscription costs $6.99 per month which comes up to $83.99 annually. That’s a total saving of 85%. This is the lowest we’ve ever seen the subscription plan go to since 2018.


Hulu Black Friday deal

While Hulu offered a similar deal in 2018, they’ve been slightly less aggressive in the past two years with a subscription cost of $1.99. What’s even better is that there’s a 30-day free trial of the service before you sign-up. The deal almost sounds too good to be true. Note that the deal s valid only if you’re a new customer or if your Hulu subscription has expired a while back and you haven’t renewed it in a while. If you already have an ongoing subscription plan, you cannot renew or extend it at this price.

The 99 cents subscription plan is available till 11:59 PM PT or 2:50 AM ET on November 29, 2021. If you stream content regularly and hadn’t subscribed to Hulu yet, you cannot miss this offer since it’s probably the lowest price you’ll ever pay for a subscription to the platform.

    Hulu's monthly subscription is down to just 99 cents for a year on account of Black Friday!

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