Hulu for Android is getting offline downloads

Hulu for Android is getting offline downloads

There is already a thriving TV and movie streaming market right now with companies improving technologies and creating more content to keep up with the competition. Popular choices include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the plethora of studio services already on the market. More studio services are being launched this year and even more will launch next year. Hulu has been working to stay ahead of the curve as they have been in the game longer than the newcomers and it’s finally bringing offline downloads to the table.

Earlier this year Hulu updated its Android TV application to include a new couch-friendly user interface. The update also came with Hulu’s live TV feature that was unavailable to Android TV users in the past. It’s great to see Hulu finally playing catch-up with the Android TV application when it comes to feature-parity, but the company is behind when compared to the competition as well. Netflix has had offline downloads available in its Android application since the tail end of 2016.

Netflix has even had the time to add an algorithm to the feature that will automatically download new episodes of your favorite TV shows. As the saying goes though, better late than never. Hulu customers who use the iOS app will now be able to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing, but the Android community will have to wait for an app update that will be coming “soon.” It looks to be similar to Netflix’s initial rollout where only some shows are currently available for download. The press release goes out of its way to mention Family Guy, Desperate Housewives, This is Us, How I Met Your Mother, and ER, and Hulu Originals as content that can be downloaded for offline viewing.

To find additional shows that support the new feature (since some studios have yet to participate), you’ll want to navigate to the Downloads tab and then tap on the big “See What’s Downloadable” button at the bottom. Alternatively, you can search for the TV show or movie you’re interested in and then look to see if it has a download option on the media’s details page.

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