Humax Vision is a Google Home that projects Android TV onto a wall

One of the many reasons why we all love Android is that it offers a very big ecosystem. The operating system can be installed on virtually anything. It’s already available on smartphones, tablets, TVs, smart home accessories like speakers, and so much more. The ecosystem keeps getting bigger and bigger as different manufacturers never cease to amaze us with new devices that run some form of Android. The latest concoction is the Humax Vision. It’s a smart speaker that doubles as an Android TV projector.

Humax Digital just released yet another smart home device, the Humax Vision. On the inside, it acts just like the Google Home, as both of them are using Google Assistant. But, Humax Vision can also project the screen with the Android TV interface. That way, you can have a device that offers the functionality of both the smart speaker and smart TV. Android TV offers applications like YouTube, Spotify, Plex, and many more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Netflix yet.

Humax Vision also claims to have far field voice recognition, so you can talk to it while laying on the couch watching the newest episode of whatever you’re into. Rich and clear sound, as the company describes the capabilities of audio output on the device, will also make sure that the sound coming from the speaker reaches you on that couch. The device has built-in USB and Ethernet ports, as well as DC input for power. I wish it used Type-C, but DC input will do the job.

The price of Humax Vision is unknown at this moment, but we know that it will only be available in the US for the time being. We also don’t know the date when the device will launch, as clicking the “Buy” button opens up a subscription pop-up. You can check the official website of Humax Vision below.

Source: Humax Vision Product Page

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