Humble Mobile Bundle 21 Includes Goat Simulator, _PRISM and More

Humble Mobile Bundle 21 Includes Goat Simulator, _PRISM and More

The team behind Humble Bundle has just announced the 21st mobile bundle, and it comes with a number of Android games that you can get for a low price. As with all of the Humble Bundles lately, this month’s offering is broken up in the three different tiers. So depending on which games you want, you could pay as little as $1, or as much as you’d like. As usual, portions of the revenue from this bundle goes toward charity.

The least expensive tier is $1, and for this occasion you get three different games for Android. First up is Westport Independent and this is a game about censorship, corruption and newspapers. The second game offered in the $1 tier is _PRISM and this is a puzzle solving game with 13 levels that can take around an hour to complete. Lastly, you will receive a copy of Sage Solitaire, a new solitaire variant that combines some poker elements into its gameplay.

For the second tier of the Humble Mobile Bundle 21, you will need to pay more than the average (which is currently at $5.12 as of writing this). There’s only two games listed here as of right now, but in a week they will reveal some more games that will be added. The first game offered in this tier is Ghosts of Memories and this is another puzzle game that has you trying to free a woman trapped in crystal. The other game is Door Kickers, which is a real-time strategy game that has  you controlling a SWAT team.

The third and final tier of this bundle will cost you $6, and it comes with two different games. Unlike the second tier, there won’t be any additional games added to this tier. The first game under this tier is Twofold Inc., and this is another puzzle game that has you unraveling tiles and matching them together so you can clear them away. The other game in this $6 tier is Goat Simulator, a silly physics simulator that has you controlling a goat and playing around in a sandbox environment.

Source:Humble Bundle

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