HydrogenOS update for OnePlus 6 brings selfie Portrait Mode & battery percent icon

HydrogenOS update for OnePlus 6 brings selfie Portrait Mode & battery percent icon

The OnePlus 6 was officially unveiled worldwide last month, with the western OxygenOS already seeing its first update which brought both notch hiding support and slow-motion video support. HydrogenOS is the name of the custom Android skin OnePlus uses on its Android devices in China. There are very few differences between the two, but updates generally don’t come at the same time and they tend to bring different features. HydrogenOS 5.1.6 is here for the OnePlus 6, and it brings selfie portrait mode photo support and a battery percentage icon for your status bar. OnePlus promised these features will come to an OxygenOS update, so the fact that these features are rolling out in HydrogenOS means the western release shouldn’t be too far off.
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While the update changelog is in Mandarin, we can also confirm that there are gaming-related optimizations included in the update. Users on the OnePlus forums have said that there is now an LTE data switch between SIM cards along with system power and performance optimizations. There is also a fix included for PUBG Mobile where footsteps were too quiet—a weird bug given that the system was causing that, but it’s fixed regardless. There doesn’t seem to be much else in terms of system changes.

Currently, it seems that most updates for the OnePlus 6 are simply related to cleaning up the system which is pretty normal considering the device just released. We can only hope that OnePlus will fulfill its earlier promises too, including hopefully re-adding Always on Display which was removed shortly after launch. OnePlus cited battery concerns for the reason for its removal.

Users interesting in tinkering with the software on their OnePlus 6 can also install the Android P beta preview, which will allow you to test out the new features that will be coming in the latest version of Android. It won’t have the latest additions from Android P Developer Preview 3 just yet, however.

Source: OnePlus Forums Via: Piunika Web

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