HydrogenOS ROM on the OnePlus 3

HydrogenOS ROM on the OnePlus 3

In this video, Miles reviews the HydrogenOS ROM. This is the ROM that comes stock on the Chinese variants of the OnePlus 3. In this review he highlights what is different in this ROM.


The overall system and UI of this ROM is very different from the default OxygenOS. While everything is very minimalist, it’s still very customizable. There is no app drawer in this ROM. Instead you’ll have one page with your shortcuts and you can swipe right to access the rest of your apps.


One thing that’s obviously missing is the quick settings menu from the status bar. Pull down the bar and you’ll have access to your notifications but that’s about it. Instead, you will access your quick settings by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.


All of the stock apps have a different UI on this ROM. Everything from the browser to the calendar or the calculator will look completely different.



Several additional display tweaks are available through your settings menu. Read mode reduces the background glare to improve the reading experience. You’ll find other tools like a temperature control slider to give the display a warmer or cooler look.


You’ll find that the “unknown sources” toggle is in the apps and permissions menu as opposed to the security menu.


There is a lack of any power menu. When you hold down the power button you are given the option to power off your device and that’s about it.

Download this ROM for yourself here.

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Which ROM do you prefer to run on your OnePlus 3?

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