This dock will add 360-degree swiveling and more ports to your M1 iMac

This dock will add 360-degree swiveling and more ports to your M1 iMac

Apple released a new 24-inch iMac last year, equipped with an Apple M1 SoC and a 24-inch 4.5K display. The slim and quiet design is one of the computer’s main selling points, but you still have to reach around back to plug in devices, and the display only tilts vertically. Thankfully, accessory manufacturer Hyper has a new dock that adds horizontal swiveling and additional (front-facing!) connectivity options.

The new ‘HyperDrive iMac Turntable Dock’ is a stand for the latest 24-inch Apple iMac with a 360-degree swivel mechanism, so you can spin the iMac around to face someone else without physically pushing or picking up the computer. It also might be handy for quickly changing your angle for video calls, or you can just spin your iMac in circles like Ron Swanson at his circular desk.


Hyper - iMac Turntable Dock

Hyper’s dock also adds more storage and connectivity options, accessible from the front — take notes, Apple. There’s an M.2 SATA/NVMe enclosure inside the dock, which supports drives up to 2TB with a simple push-to-release mechanism, so you won’t need to break out a screwdriver to install a new drive. However, it doesn’t seem like any drives come with the dock, and Hyper didn’t mention the maximum supported transfer speeds.

Besides the SSD slot, the Turntable Dock adds an HDMI connector, a microSD card slot, a full-size SD card slot, one USB Type-C port, and four USB Type-A connectors. All of that is powered by a single USB cable plugged into the back of the iMac, though there doesn’t seem to be any support for Thunderbolt pass-through.

Hyper will sell the dock in both silver and white colors, at a price of $199.99. That’s definitely expensive for what is essentially a USB Type-C dock with a swiveling stand, but it does look nicer than a standard adapter hanging from the back of the computer. It’s supposed to be available starting today from Hyper’s online store, but it doesn’t seem to be available as of the time of writing.

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