HyperGPS Out of Beta, Get TMC from the FM radio of your device

For almost a year users beemerTPPC & flywhc, with great support from others within the community, have been working on HyperGPS. The project has been aimed at researching the possibility of using built-in FM receivers to get TMC traffic alerts out of the air and into the Navigational Software that support TMC.

Although the software was meant for educational use, it has now reached the final 1.0 release.
It is an important development as Windows Phone hardware producers have been reluctant to support TMC from the start and are still lacking to do so to date.

The supported devices are: HTC Diamond, HTC Raphael, HTC Blackstone, HTC Polaris, SE Xperia X1, HTC Topaz, Eten/Acer M800/M900/X650/V900 etc & Omnia II.

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What is new in V1.0.1:
-New cab for Eten/Acer users with GFMAPI for Eten V1.0 : Solves some issues with the volume.

What is new in V1.0:
-New cab for Eten/Acer users with GFMAPI for Eten Beta 8.
Currently it works with M900 and M800 Eten/Acer devices only.
-Solved the issues with FM radio mute
-Solved the issues with sound redirection to speaker.
-No need to use beta 5 anymore, but I leave it in download area

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