Hyperion Supreme is a new way to get all the Hyperion “Pro” features

Hyperion Supreme is a new way to get all the Hyperion “Pro” features

Hyperion is a launcher made by Projekt, the same people behind Substratum. It’s basically a super customizable version of the Pixel launcher with all the bells and whistles that most people expect from a 3rd-party launcher. It even has some integration with other launcher tools, such as Sesame shortcuts and Google Feed. All of these features are available in the free version, but there are “Pro” features as well. Projekt has launched a separate launcher called Hyperion Supreme with all the pro features built-in.

Hyperion’s Pro features used to be unlockable through an in-app purchase in the Hyperion settings. With today’s update, the “Pro” version becomes a new app called Hyperion Supreme. While we don’t know the reason why the Projekt team did this, it does make it easier to go straight to the pro version.


Pro features:

  • Gestures
  • Further icon customizations including label size, text color, display/hide text shadow and multiple lines for labels
  • Custom launcher font (by importing your own .TTF files)
  • Disabling app suggestions from the top of your drawer
  • Two row dock
  • Google Smart Widget + customizations
  • …and much more!

If you already own Hyperion Pro through the in-app purchase, no worries, Hyperion Supreme will not be necessary to keep those great features. This update also has a lot of new features, including the Sesame shortcut integration mentioned above.

Changes listed for hyperion:

  • Add support for Sesame Shortcuts (Version 3.3.0+)
  • Add gesture to hide/show workspace contents
  • Add Google feed theme option
  • Remove confusing editing mode, deletion is now a swipe action.
  • Remove Awareness API and associated permissions since it’s being shut down by Google.
  • Allow reordering drawer tabs
  • Bug fixes and improvements

If you are interested in purchasing the new Hyperion Supreme to support the Projekt team and unlock all those cool features, Hyperion Supreme is available on the Play Store for $1.99. The update for the changelog above should be available on the Play Store right now.

hyperion launcher
Developer: prjkt.io
Price: Free
hyperion supreme
Developer: prjkt.io
Price: $1.99

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