HyperTrack Open Sources its Live Location Sharing App

HyperTrack Open Sources its Live Location Sharing App

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HyperTrack, the company behind the eponymous live location sharing framework has open sourced its app to demonstrate the capabilities of their location stack and let developers experiment while also showcasing real world usage.

HyperTrack Live is simple in concept. Select share location to send a URL via your preferred communication app, which will allow the recipients to view your live location and ETA to your destination until you tell the app to stop sharing. Of course, the app itself is nothing new having been around for about a year now. Google Maps, Facebook and many of the other more popular apps utilise live location sharing as well now, but if you were looking to implement live location sharing into your own app or wanted to try an alternative platform then HyperTrack Live could be the answer.

The company behind the app aims to allow developers to add live location features to their apps for free (although advanced features do cost) within a matter of minutes, all that is needed to integrate the platform is simply plugging in the SDK and adding a small amount of code to your app. To get started HyperTrack provide in-depth tutorials that cover everything you need to know to get started, beginning with plugging in the SDK and continuing with customising your app with functions such as deep linking.

By open sourcing the app (Github) you can now see exactly how the location framework ties in without the need to create a back-end, this process can then be replicated in your own apps. In our experience, it can take about 15 minutes to integrate the framework and for live data to begin showing up in the dashboard shown below (click to expand).

Visit the HyperTrack XDA thread