Don’t Fear Flashing with I Don’t Want You!

Don’t Fear Flashing with I Don’t Want You!

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The XDA message boards are full of various modifications, with many of these helping you change the look of your favorite apps and add some features to stock-based ROMs. Mods such as these are generally fairly easy to install, but sometimes things go not as we had planned, and our device ends up soft-bricked.

Modifying the /system partition is always inherently risky, and it is imperative that you make a backup of your valuable data before flashing. Unfortunately, making a full backup takes lots of time and can’t be done when we are in a hurry. With a tool made by XDA Senior Member Maciek602, uninstalling a mod becomes very easy. “I don’t want you!” is a Windows application that creates a full backup of the /system partition. The copied files are converted into a signed and ready-to-flash archive. It’s a lifesaver in case when something goes wrong with mod flashing.

This utility should be used prior to any modification flashing. “I don’t want you!” uses ADB to get all the necessary files, so be sure that your driver is working properly and is added to the PATH of your PC. With this utility your device will be able to recover from various kinds of issues.

To learn more about this utility, head over to the I Don’t Want You! forum thread.