IDC: Google Pixel shipments reached 7.2 million in 2019, more than OnePlus

IDC: Google Pixel shipments reached 7.2 million in 2019, more than OnePlus

Although they seem to get a lot of hate online, most of us at XDA think that Google Pixel phones are awesome. They’re reliable camera phones and Google’s software is a delight to use. While some models have flaws such as underwhelming battery life, many of us are quick to look past them just because of how good the camera and software are. There’s one small problem, though: Most people aren’t Android enthusiasts and the Pixel smartphone brand isn’t really a household name.

Since Pixel phones have usually been on the more expensive side, they’ve struggled to become mainstream. Google launched the Pixel 3a series last year to make the Pixel line more affordable, and Google credits the 3a for propelling the brand forward in the United States. A recent report from the IDC cited by The Information revealed that the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 sold fewer units in their respective first two quarters than the Pixel 3 did, but now a new report from the IDC sheds further light on the sales figures of the Pixel brand.


Francisco Jeronimo, Associate VP of European devices at IDC, tweeted out a graphic that cites data the market research firm collected during 2019. The data is sourced from IDC’s Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, which was updated last month. During 2019, shipments of Google Pixel phones reportedly reached 7.2 million units, which Mr. Jeronimo says is more smartphone shipments than OnePlus did in 2019. Although Mr. Jeronimo did not elaborate exactly how big the gap is between Google and OnePlus, he says that Google is “still far from reaching Top 10.”

The fact that Google shipped more smartphones than OnePlus last year is surprising. OnePlus is the top premium smartphone brand in India and shipped more than 2 million smartphones in the country last year, according to Counterpoint Research. Mr. Jeronimo credits Google’s success in markets such as the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. Overall, Google’s 2019 shipments represent a 52% increase year-on-year.

If this seems confusing to you in light of the earlier report, Mr. Jeronimo has an explanation that clears things up.

While Google’s latest smartphones, the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 4, underperformed the Pixel 3 in their respective first two quarters, keep in mind that the second quarter for Pixel 3 sales was 1Q2019, so some of its sales were counted towards Google’s 2019 shipments. Likewise, the Pixel 3a’s first two quarters of sales were all in 2019 while the Pixel 4’s first quarter of sales was Q42019, both of which thus contributed to Google’s 2019 numbers. Lastly, Google also expanded to 3 more markets last year, contributing to additional sales.

The Google Pixel 4a, currently slated for a July announcement according to the latest rumors, is set to retain the Pixel 3a’s highlighting features while improving upon some of its weaker spots. It’s also touted to come at a lower price than the 3a did. The Pixel 5, which is set to come with an upper mid-range SoC, may also carry a lower price tag. So both of these product launches may be able to turn the tide further in Google’s favor—but we’ll see how things turn out next year.

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