IFTTT details new feature road map for its Pro customers

IFTTT details new feature road map for its Pro customers

IFTTT has announced a new raft of features for its newly-enlisted Pro customers. Having spent most of the summer clogging inboxes with invitations to “Set Your Price” for features that had previously been free, IFTTT has revealed (via AndroidPolice) what that subscription gets you, or at least, will very soon.

In addition to creating more complex applets than were possible with the free tier (though some were available to defunct Premium users), you’ll soon also be able to clone an existing applet and tweak it, rather than start afresh each time. This also applies to Community-authored applets, which you’ll be able to clone and make your own. The onboarding process for Community applets is also being tweaked, and an analytics platform will let you see where your creations are in use.


Most exciting is that a simple UI interface will allow you to build more complex applets with conditionality (in other words IF/AND/OR arguments) and even trigger the same action to occur multiple times. Given that Google Assistant isn’t capable of this yet, it could prove to be a way for IFTTT to catch up on some lost ground as a Smart Home control hub, while for web services, a number of long-standing limitations are also being removed for Pro users, most of them connected to API calls to apps such as Twitter.

There’s also a new archive management feature that makes it easy to see and restore any Applets you archived. Currently, this is limited to Applets that you’ve made, but IFTTT says this will expand to support archiving discoverable Applets.

Finally, IFTTT has said it’s working on improved navigation and “findability” in the app, which is long overdue, given that it’s currently nigh-on impossible to bring up a complete list of supported services. It’s good to know that the company’s new income stream is being plowed back into making it better.

IFTTT is giving you until the end of October to set your own price (though it’s been extended once so it may well turn into a Christmas special or Black Friday deal and carry on), which can bring it down to $1.99/month, a lot more appealing than the full $3.99 off-sale. There are additional plans aimed at Developers and Business, billed annually.

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