iHome Launches Google Assistant-Powered Alarm Clock

iHome Launches Google Assistant-Powered Alarm Clock

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iHome launched the iAVS16 last September, an Alexa-powered alarm clock for $150 that combined all of the benefits of Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa with a fully-fledged alarm clock. On Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), iHome debuted its counterpart: The iGV1, a Google Assistant-powered version of the iHome alarm clock. It’ll cost $140 ($10 less than the Alexa counterpart) when it goes on sale later this year, and it’ll have all the features you have come to expect from the Google Assistant, including integration with Android devices.

The iGV1 lets you control smart home devices, play music, send emails, check the news, and more. You can ask it to check the weather for you, or to give you updates on your morning commute.

iHome Google Assistant iGV1

Source: iHome

The iGV1 has a snooze and dismiss button that let you turn the alarm off physically rather than with your voice, and media control buttons for playing, pausing, and rewinding music. The time is displayed on a set of dimly lit LEDs — it can be switched off, if you choose, and it synchronizes the time over WiFi.

The iGV1 also has some extra features, including Bluetooth, Google Cast support, and a USB at the back (1A) which can be used for charging devices. It’ll go on sale “soon,” according to iHome.

Source: iHome Via: VentureBeat