Image Warp helps you transform pictures with manually adjustable grids

Image Warp helps you transform pictures with manually adjustable grids

When it comes to photo editing apps, the Google Play Store offers a boatload of options to choose from and each app offers something unique. You have apps like B612 that pack in a range of interesting filters, to ones like Google’s Snapseed that offer a vast range of image manipulation tools to edit your photos. If you’ve ever used Snapseed before, then I’m sure you’d already be familiar with its Perspective tool which, as its name suggests, lets you change the perspective of your image. However, the adjustments offered on Snapseed could prove to be a bit limiting for those of you who want to make several perspective adjustments in one image. This is exactly where the Image Warp app comes in.


The Image Warp app is essentially Snapseed’s Perspective tool on steroids. It gives you access to a manually adjustable grid that you can use to skew, scale, distort, rotate and completely transform your image. Unlike the Perspective tool on Snapseed, which just lets you change the perspective of the entire image, the Image Warp app lets you set grid points to change the perspective of individual parts on any image. The app has an easy to use interface and it includes support for all commonly used image formats. Once you’re satisfied with an edit, the app lets you export images as a PNG file or as a cropped JPG up to 16MP in size. Additionally, it offers support for some unique gestures like double-tap to reset picture zoom and long-press undo button to rest grip which can come in handy while you’re editing your photos. If all of this sounds interesting, then you should definitely try out Image Warp by downloading it from the Play Store link below.

XDA Forum Thread for ImageWarp

Image Warp - Grid Modifier
Developer: Petales
Price: Free

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