Imagination Technologies to Focus More on IoT and Virtual Reality

Imagination Technologies to Focus More on IoT and Virtual Reality

Imagination Tech is known for their MIPS CPU architecture as well as their PowerVR GPUs. We generally do not see their CPUs in mobile hardware, but Apple does use their PowerVR GPUs in the iPhone. However, it hasn’t been that great of a year for the technology company, and it looks like they will pivot their focus soon. In 2017, Imagination Technologies will shift their focus from to the markets that are growing, such as the internet of things and virtual reality.

There’s a big push right now in the automotive industry to create better infotainment centers. Google launched Android Auto as a solution for the software side of things, and companies like Qualcomm are working on the hardware. Imagination Technologies feels their PowerVR GPUs would fit in well here, while they’re hoping the interest in MIPS CPUs for cars remains high. the company also wants to partner with others so they can have their designs used in autonomous cars as well.

They’re also wanting virtual reality headset manufacturers to use their GPUs as well. In 2017, Imagination Technologies will launch the Series8XT GPU, and they are trying to sign some deals so that it will be used in high-end VR headsets. While this design is focused on the high-end, they aren’t forgetting the low-end either. Earlier this year they launched the Series8XE GPU, and will be using it to expand into the low-end and mid-range smartphone market.

As much as Imagination Technologies would love their chip designs to be used in more mobile products, they just haven’t had much success in this market. They tried to target enterprise servers as well, but hasn’t had much success there either. Along with other IoT products, Imagination Technologies feel their CPU and GPU chips would be great for products like drones and robots too, so we’ll just have to wait and see if this shift in focus works for the company in 2017.
Source: PCWorld

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