Imint’s new Vidhance Video Stabiltization 4 engine delivers better motion detection, improved memory performance and more

Imint’s new Vidhance Video Stabiltization 4 engine delivers better motion detection, improved memory performance and more

Imint, the Sweden-based company that specializes in video software solutions for smartphones, today unveiled the Vidhance Video Stabiltization 4. The fourth-generation video stabilization engine builds upon the company’s previous solutions and offers various improvements including better motion detection, lower power consumption, improved memory handling, and more.

Imint says the new stabilization engine is completely redesigned from the ground up and addresses many of the shortcomings of traditional approaches to stabilization. For one, Vidhance Stabilization 4 can intelligently detect and remove unwanted motion in a video while leaving behind desired motion so the final video doesn’t look overly processed.


“Not all camera bumps, shakes, and sweeps are bad, and this new solution can sense the difference. The result is professional-looking content that appears exactly as the video creator intended, even when the user is moving rapidly,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Next up, the latest video stabilization engine comes with new look-ahead processing that greatly improves memory performance. When compared to traditional look-ahead methods, which often require a tradeoff between video performance and memory usage, Vidhance Video Stabilization 4’s claims to provide great performance while still preserving valuable memory.

“VidhanceVideo StabilizationGeneration4 builds extensively on our years improving the Vidhancesolution but takes everything a leap further. Iterative enhancements had reached the limit of effectiveness. But this new solution is a whole new approach to video stabilization and positions Imint, once again as light years ahead of other solutions on the market,” said Andreas Lifvendahl, Chief Executive Officer of Imint.

Imint says lower power consumption was one of its top priorities when developing Vidhance Video Stabilization 4. The company claims its new stabilization engine is optimized for both performance and battery and can deliver all the above-mentioned benefits without drawing significant battery juice.

Imitnt says its new solution has been tested by leading smartphone OEMs and can be delivered to users with a simple software update.

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