Import your Ebay Feedback for a Better Reputation on Swappa

Import your Ebay Feedback for a Better Reputation on Swappa

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When selling stuff online, your reputation is everything. Users are far more likely to buy from people who have received feedback from their previous buyers. This is one of the main features that makes places like eBay a fairly safe place to shop. Their reputation system has been around forever. Even if you never sell anything on eBay, you will still have a score based on the things that you’ve purchased.

In the case of Swappa, XDA’s official marketplace, they have the same rating system as eBay. Users are scored as buyers and sellers based on the reviews that other users assign to them. Now while you most likely have a long history on eBay, most people won’t buy and sell tons of phones on Swappa. After all, most people only have one or two smartphones at a time.

Even without a substantial transaction history on Swappa, you can prove your trustworthiness by importing your score from eBay. This will help you get started buying and selling phones on the best used phone marketplace on the internet.

You’ll find the option to import your ebay feedback at the bottom of your edit profile page on Swappa.

Once you are connected to your eBay account, your Swappa profile will show your ebay rating even if you don’t have any transaction history on Swappa.