Improve the Hardware Speaker on Google Glass

Improve the Hardware Speaker on Google Glass

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Google Glass is one of those ridiculously expensive toys that every practically grown-up gadget lover wants pretty badly. Glass is like gadget enthusiast jewelry that has to be worn to Android-related event. But for all of its positives, there are some problems inherent to its implementation.

People with larger heads might have a problem with Google Glass’s audio quality. Due to a poorly positioned speaker, this can then lead to loads of frustration. Our favorite hardware hacker, XDA Recognized Developer AdamOutler, did what he always does with his tools and prepared a handy solution that makes the speaker sound better for those with slightly larger heads. The process is very simple and not that expensive, since all the materials used in the process cost no more than $50 total.

It’s a bit of a shame that such an expensive device isn’t designed to give maximal joy to users of different sizes and head shapes. Luckily, people like Adam can think outside the box and share easy yet brilliant ideas.

If the bone conduction speaker on Google Glass has you feeling blue, it’s time to put your big boy pants on and do some hardware hacking. All the necessary resources can be found in the Bone Conduction Mechanical Audio Amplification forum thread.