Improve the Quality of Your Note 4’s Photos

Improve the Quality of Your Note 4’s Photos

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is without a doubt a great device. The highly functional S-Pen and pretty high end hardware specifications make it one of the most interesting devices of 2014. But even the best Android devices can be improved upon, and XDA is definitely a good place to look for some neat modifications.

One of the aspects of the Note 4 that can be improved is the default camera application. Samsung put some restrictions on its camera application to make the files smaller, decreasing the quality of photos and movies in the process. XDA Recognized Contributor kevinrocksman found a way to change the settings to improve the JPEG quality from 96% to 100%, extend the video record time, and much more.

To try out this modification, your Note 4 must be rooted and have a custom recovery. The modification is distributed as a flashable archive, so installation is pretty trivial. If you don’t like rebooting your device, you need an ES File Explorer or similar file manager with root access. The author prepared two versions of modification, for Snapdaragon and Exynos editions of the device.

You can squeeze a bit of performance from your Note’s camera. Head over to the Camera quality mod/Time limit extendr/higher quality forum thread to learn more.

[Thanks to XDA TV Producer TK for the tip!]