Improvements to 10 Post Rule

Improvements to 10 Post Rule

Two years ago, we implemented a policy to help clean up development-related threads on XDA. This became known as the 10 Post Rule, and it effectively restricted new members from posting to any and all threads in development forums. If a new member tried to post in a development thread, he was told to go to that device’s Q&A forum and post there. There were some meaningful benefits to this system but also some significant drawbacks: it was confusing to new members and unnecessarily restricted certain new members who actually had something of value to add to the conversation. We also received many complaints from developers who *wanted* new users to be able to contribute to their threads.

Today we’re improving this system to give more control to developers–who will now be able to choose whether to enable or disable the 10 Post Rule in their threads. If the rule is disabled, all users will be able to respond in that thread. If the rule is enabled (which is the default), a reply from a member with less than 10 posts will be automatically routed to a new thread in the Q&A forum. We will explain to new members why their post was moved and will alert developers via automatic private message when this new Q&A thread is spawned. These threads will be accessible via a link directly from within the development thread. Developers will monitor and reply to these posts at their discretion.

We hope this new system will add more layers of choice to what has been one of our most controversial rules. If you are a developer and have any questions about the new system, please contact svetius.

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