In Loving Memory of TonyStark

In Loving Memory of TonyStark

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XDA-Developers has, over the years, grown to be a lot more than just a forum for people to discuss phones. We have grown in terms of content, membership, and staff. This last point is the one I will be touching upon today.

Our staff is a very tightly knit core of approximately 100 moderators and administrators. Much like other groups around the site, our group is quite unique for a wide variety of reasons, but among the most important points, is that we treat each other like family. We laugh together, we work hard together, and we care deeply for one another. It is because of this same reason that today, with a very heavy and sorrowful heart, announce to the community the passing of one of our fellow moderators, TonyStark (aka. Tom). The loss of a loved one is never something easy or simple and this was not the exception.

Tom was a fantastic moderator, an exemplary Recognized Contributor, and overall, an amazing human being. He was always around when needed, and his undying love and devotion for this site was second to none. This was all despite having had major health problems for a long time. He always managed to have a great attitude coupled with a good sense of humor. In these few years, he grew as a paramount part of the moderation team, selflessly offering his time and energy to uphold the values of this site. He made us all laugh and reflect upon our lives in ways we wouldn’t do otherwise. We are all thankful for the time he has spent with us.

Tom, thank you for completing our lives with your ways. We will miss you, my friend. We will all miss you.

For those of you who have met Tom either personally, in the forum, or any other way and would like to say something, KennyG123, has created a public thread to say your goodbyes and to find more information regarding this tragic event.