INADYN for Android – Free DynDNS Client

INADYN for Android – Free DynDNS Client

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Some of you may have heard of INADYN – it’s an open source, freeware DynDNS client. And now it’s available on Android, courtesy of XDA forum member Vinny75.

To fill you in – DynDNS is a free dynamic DNS service provided by Dynamic Network Services Inc, allowing users to have a subdomain that points to a device with a non-static IP address.  A client is required to be installed on the device which keeps the hostname up to date with its current IP address.

This is where INADYN for Android comes in.  Vinny75 has posted a simple cross compile of INADYN v 1.96.2 for Android, with full instructions on how to install to your device and how to run the client.

For more information and to download the zip file, check out the application thread.