The Ultimate Keychain Charging Cable: inCharge Cables (16% Off)

The Ultimate Keychain Charging Cable: inCharge Cables (16% Off)

This charger folds over your keychain and is held together by a magnet. It’s only $19.99 for a pack of two right now over at the XDA Depot.

With the option of microUSB, Lightning cable or a mix of both, these super tiny cables have the flat cord design that we all love. If you’re one to carry around a portable power bank, then these cords are a perfect companion. The super thin connector makes this charger compatible with most phone cases. The length of the cable when closed is only 1.5″. ┬áIf you’re not a keychain kind of person, hook it onto your backpack, purse, laptop bag, or even your fanny pack.

Two inCharge Lightning cables (black)

Two inCharge MicroUSB cables (black)

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