Indian DGCA Bans Use of Note Series in Flights After Galaxy Note 2 Catches Fire During Flight

Indian DGCA Bans Use of Note Series in Flights After Galaxy Note 2 Catches Fire During Flight

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It seems the Note series has become the favorite dropping point for all recent controversy. What started off with the Note 7 exploding and then Samsung initiating a massive recall of millions of the phones sold and pushing back much more of those unsold, the series of unfortunate event continues on with the Note 2 being involved in a controversy that could have widespread impact on the reputation of the Note lineup.

As NDTV reports, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 caught fire in India during an active flight. The incident occurred on Friday on a Chennai-bound IndiGo aircraft (6E-054), where passengers complained of a smoking smell in flight. The crew narrowed down the smoke coming in from an overhead luggage compartment, and after relocation of passengers away from the problem area, found the cause of smoke to be a Galaxy Note 2 inside a passengers baggage. The aircraft crew informed the ATC, and followed protocol to take care of the device and ensured a safe landing.

This incident has prompted the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which is the Indian regulatory body that concerns itself with aviation incidents, to ask all airlines to ban the use of Note series of devices inside flights. Samsung officials have been summoned by the regulator on Monday, and the concerned departments will subject the device to further examination. Until then, all airlines in India will advise passengers to switch off all Galaxy Note phones while on-board.

Whatever be the result of the pending investigation, the damage to Samsung’s reputation has been done. With the arguably unjustified blanket ban on Note-series usage, consumers with Note devices will be subject to more restrictions and inconvenience during air travel, thus making them vary of carrying the device in the first place. Depending on how the investigation shapes up in the future, the Note series could have some tough times ahead in the Indian market.

Do you think it’s fair to ban all Note devices over an old one (and not a Note 7) burning up? Discuss in the comments!