Insignia Smart Speaker gets Speaker Pairing like the Google Home Max

Insignia Smart Speaker gets Speaker Pairing like the Google Home Max

The Google Home line of devices is Google’s own Assistant-enabled smart speakers. However, they are not the only Google Assistant-enabled speakers on the market. Insignia, which is Best Buy’s in-house brand, has an affordable speaker/alarm clock with Assistant built-in. The device now has the ability to pair with other smart speakers, which was previously limited to only the Google Home Max.

Insignia’s smart speaker has a small digital display that allows it to double as an old-school alarm clock. For only $39, it’s a pretty versatile alternative to the Google Home Mini. Now it’s even more useful with Speaker Pairing. Pairing two devices allow them to broadcast in stereo sound. The devices need to be in the same room for this feature to work. The screenshots below show the process for setting up this feature with our Insignia speaker. This was previously only an option for the very expensive $400 Google Home Max.

This is a great feature for an affordable device. You can grab a few of these for only $39 each and get stereo surround sound in your room. We’d really like to see Google open this feature up to all Google Home devices. There’s no reason why it should work with the Insignia speaker but not the Home Mini. If you have this device, you can find instructions for setting up Speaker Pairing right here.

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