Instagram will start showing a more chronological feed after backlash

Instagram will start showing a more chronological feed after backlash

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A lot of social networking platforms have moved towards “algorithmically” sorted feeds in recent years. Instead of a simple chronological list, the algorithm will try to figure out what posts you are most likely to engage with. This can be incredibly frustrating when you’re seeing 3-day old posts at the top of your feed. Instagram switched to algorithm sorting in 2016 and people have not been happy about it. The good news is they’re making some changes to improve it.

One of the most frustrating things for users is when the feed automatically refreshes. It will bump you to the top and completely shuffle up the feed again. It’s especially annoying when Instagram seems to mark a post as “read” and it becomes nearly impossible to find it again. Instagram is aware of this problem and they’re attempting to fix it with a “New Posts” button.

The “New Posts” button will allow users to choose when to refresh, rather than it happening automatically. A novel idea. Tapping the button will take users to the top of the feed with new posts. Instagram is also making changes to make more recent posts show up first in the feed. The algorithm will still be doing the sorting, but new posts will be given more priority.

In a perfect world, we’d love to see platforms like Instagram give users the choice. Not a faux choice like Twitter where your feed is still plastered with old “in case you missed it” posts. Just plain ‘ol chronological order. Unless you’re following thousands of people, it’s really not hard to keep up. Look for these Instagram changes to roll out over the coming months.

Source: Instagram