Instagram introduces two new filters to help you catch up on new posts quickly

Instagram introduces two new filters to help you catch up on new posts quickly

After rolling out new parental supervision controls earlier this month, Instagram has now announced two new features to help you control your feed. In a recent blog post, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri highlighted the two new features that will help you choose what posts you see in your feed — Favorites and Following. These features will help you filter out the content in your feed and see posts from specific accounts or people you follow.

Instagram’s new Favorites feature will show you the latest posts from people you’ve added to your Favorites list. In addition, posts from accounts in your Favorites list will show up higher on your feed. On the other hand, the Following feature will help you filter posts based on the accounts you follow. Both Favorites and Following will show you posts in chronological order, allowing you to catch up on recent posts quickly.


Instagram screenshots showing new Following and Favorites filters

Switching your feed to the Favorites or Following view is pretty simple. As you can see in the attached screenshot, tapping on the Instagram logo in the top right corner of the app will open a new context menu with the Following and Favorites options. You can tap on either of these options to quickly filter posts in your feed. To go back to the regular feed, all you need to do is tap on the new option again.

Instagram Favorites and Following announcement poster

Note that you can add up to 50 accounts to your Favorites list and make changes to the list any time you want without alerting others when they’re added or removed from your list. Posts from accounts in your Favorites list will also show a star icon when they pop up in your feed.

What do you think of Instagram’s new Favorites and Following filters? Do you think they’re useful, or do you prefer doomscrolling without any such filters? Let us know in the comments section below.

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