Instagram Live Rooms allows creators to add 3 users to a Live session

Instagram Live Rooms allows creators to add 3 users to a Live session

Instagram has become the de-facto platform for influencers and content creators, thanks to its tighter focus on photo and video sharing as a service. But COVID has changed how we create and consume content, with focus now turning towards shared Live experiences and interactions. Video calls are now the norm for personal calling, and multi-person virtual conferences the norm for events. Instagram is consequently adapting its Live strategy, as it is now allowing creators to add up to three additional people in Live Sessions through Live Rooms.

Instagram’s newest feature is called Live Rooms. Simply put, it is an extension of the existing Live functionality, with the flexibility of adding two more people in the session than previously allowed. Live sessions can now feature four people in the same window, allowing for greater flexibility in the topics that can be explored in these sessions. Previously, a Live session could hold only the creator and one additional guest — and if you need to add anyone else, you would need to remove the guest previously added.


Live Rooms was tested with a few creators in India, and the multi-participant video chat format received praise from them. Rollout for Live Rooms has begun and will soon be available to everyone in India and Indonesia. Instagram did not mention if and when this feature will be rolled out to the rest of the world, but we reckon global rollout will follow soon as well, as it did for features like Vanishing Mode and BTS Theme.

How to use Instagram Live Rooms

To go live on Instagram:

  • Tap the plus sign in top left hand corner of your stories tray or click the “Create” plus icon in the top right of home navigation bar
    • Note: you can also swipe left when you’re on your main Instagram home screen!
  • Scroll to and tap the Live camera option at the bottom
  • Use the menu on the left to add a title if you so choose
  • Tap the circular button to go live

To add guests to your live stream:

  • While you’re already live, tap the Camera/Rooms icon
  • Now, you’ll see people that have requested to join your live. You can also search for your guest’s name to send them a request to join your live.
  • Simply tap on the guest’s handle to add them
  • You can add all three guests at one time, and you can also add guests at a later time
Developer: Instagram
Price: Free

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