Instagram shoppers can now slide into DMs for purchases

Instagram shoppers can now slide into DMs for purchases

Instagram is always expanding, adding new features and tools that attempt to make the experience better. This not only applies to content, but Meta has also made improvements in order to keep its users safe. There is also the business side of Instagram, where small merchants thrive on the platform, selling their goods and services. Instagram will take another leap forward, allowing users to make purchases directly from small businesses through a direct message.

First and foremost, this feature won’t be open to all businesses. In fact, it will only be open to those that have a business account and have set it up to take payments via Instagram Direct. In order to become a qualified account, businesses will have to submit information such as legal name, address, phone number, and other details. Most important will be the submission of a social security number.


Instagram payment through chat

Once this has all been verified, a merchant can then sell to users via chat. Once a user connects with a business that is qualified, they can send a message requesting to purchase the item. A request for payment will then be sent and the item can be purchased. When going through the checkout process, users will be protected and can make the payment using MetaPay. The interaction should be smooth and seamless.

Instagram purchases are more direct, literally.

Instagram has been adding features left and right over the past couple of months. It began with Amber Alerts in June, expanded Reels, and even created a system to help teens move on from content that might become a fixation. Instagram has also taken people’s identities more seriously, requiring those in supported regions to verify their age. As for its new digital payment system, it should be rolling out to business now, and while Meta has not set a region restriction in its press release, it will most likely be limited to those in the United States, due to the merchant requirement of a social security number.

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